Tactical  FIBRE BASE and HEAD


Our TACTICAL Fibre system can be fitted with ST-APC/FC-APC/S2000 connectors. It requires local 12v power and can be placed huge distances (up to 20km) away from the base unit. Our advanced features can further control the RF gain stage set-up allowing flexibility in any situation. 12V power is provided for down converters, allowing compatibility with DTC and other manufacturer’s products.  

Location of antennas and downconverters can be over 20kms away 

Allows prime location of receive unit in OB area for maximum flexibility and monitoring. Rack mountableMultiple cameras through one system. 


Dimensions – Base Unit

W 220mm x D 358mm x H 44mm




Dimensions – Head Unit

W 190mm x L 280mm x H 105mm




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