SMPTE Fibre Base


Our Broadcast SMPTE fibre system is an extension solution which incorporates a 12v supply for up to 2 downconverters and a return UHF data path for the Videosys Camera Control system. This ‘One Cable Solution’ is available, providing return data path for Camera Control through the SMPTE cable and remote DC output for a data transmitter. Rig one cable for video reception, data transmission and power, this one cable solution allows for an easier rig for locations such as stadiums, concert halls and studios. The base unit enables the user to manage all the menu settings and any adjustments needed on the receiver of the UHF transmitter from the base unit end in the MCR/Truck making the overall control more efficient. Videosys has installed such systems to a number of companies around the world.

Dimensions – Base Unit W 220mm x D 358mm x H 44mm

Weight 1.86kg

Power Fibre Base Power in 12-16v DC

SMPTE 2 x bnc

Dimensions Head Unit W 190mm x L 280mm x H 105mm

Weight 2.08kg

Power Fibre Head Power ini 12-16 DC SMPTE

Hybrid Conn 2 x BNC2x user selectable video outputs

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