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Film Assist System


STX Film Assist System specifically designed for Film Assist operations where high performance is crucial in locations such as outdoor, mobile and areas of RF congestion. Due to its ‘fan-less’ design is perfect in closed quiet sets where silent operation is critical. Set up is easy either by the built-in Hi-Res OLED display or via PC app with USB or mobile device with Bluetooth connection. The receiver unit has intuitive control via a capacitive touch screen duplicated to a web browser over Ethernet connection. With options from 2 to 8 channels of RF input allows for unrivalled RF performance and H.264 codec yields superb picture performance. Our down-converters are light weight and easy to mount on scaff bars, lighting stands and trussing with switch-able gain setting and a range of antenna options, they give exceptional receive characteristics. Videosys also has a range of Antennas, Filters and Power Amplifiers to augment.


Basic system comprises: STX- Nano TX, Video RX, 2 x DCs

Robust low latency video transmission

Multiple frequency bands 2.0 to 7.5GHz

All major HD frame formats supported

MRC Diversity Receiver with optional up to 8-way

Video Receivers:

State-of-the-art touch screen operation

Optional hand-held receiver

Video Transmitters:

Silent NTX with ‘fan-less’ operation

Bluetooth connectivity for control via mobile device

Rugged design including V Lok

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