Camera Control Receiver


Videosys Camera Control Receiver (RXSM-E) is a compact Camera Control receiver and is perfect for camera operations in any situation. With a single cable to connect to the camera, red and green tally and compatibility with Sony,Grass Valley,Panasonic,Hitachi and Ikegami camera systems all from one unit. It comes with a built in small OLED screen and control panel for ease of programming. Bi-directional data option is available with bespoke designed brackets to secure the Receiver to your camera. Part of the Videosys Camera Control System comprised of IDU,ODU and RXSM. Power – DC 12v supplied through camera cable Connectors,Generic Connector for all other makes, LEMO Communication Port,LEMO External Tally Output,SMA RF antenna connector.

Dimensions H: 92mm x W: 60mm D 20mm

Interface OLED screen with function buttons

Occupied Bandwidth 12.5Khz

Frequency 403-473MHz

Connectors Generic Connector for all other makes

LEMO Communication port

LEMO External Tally Output SMA RF antenna connector

Ethernet port

Power DC 12v supplied through camera cable connectors

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