Leaders in Broadcast Quality Antennas


Videosys designs and manufactures high performance, broadcast quality, RF antennas for our customers around the globe.


Our genesis and pedigree is in the design and supply of broadcast quality antennas for outside broadcast and live sports events.


Our robust, durable and and flexible antennas cover the NATO D-H frequency bands, enabling battlefield and MANET connectivity both on-the-move and at-the-halt.


Proven performance in airborne as well as ground based security and surveillance  applications covering L, S & C bands.


Our antennas are used by unmanned and autonomous vehicle (UxV) manufacturers for their remote and autonomous operations across air, land and sea.


We provide COTS and custom design antennas for use with RPAs, UAVs and Drones.


With rugged and flexible antennas, we support our customers with both challenging terrain as well as harsh RF environments.


Enabling remotely piloted as well as autonomous navigation with our Omni and Sector antennas.

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