Videosys are pleased to announce the supply of the new 4K AEON CC to Broadcast Rental for use at the MTV European Music Awards (EMA)

Broadcast Rental ordered four AEON CC’s and camera control units from Videosys for use at the prestigious MTV EMA awards which took place in Bilbao, Spain 2018.  The AEON CC offering DTC’s 4K Transmission incorporating Videosys award winning camera control system was launched at IBC 2018

CEO at Broadcast Rental Geert Paul SleeWhen we saw Videosys’ Camera Control System working with the 4K AEON CC at IBC we knew this was a must for our 4K productions.  The advantage of the AEON CC is that it comes with Videosys’ Camera control receiver built into the unit meaning we reduce the complexities that come when managing 4K transmission and camera control at the same time.  

Despite the short time available, Videosys were able to deliver the complete systems system on time for Broadcast Rental to perform their preliminary test and preparation for EMA.  Complementing the AEON TX systems we had already purchased earlier this year at NAB, this allowed us to have 6 complete 4K broadcast RF system.  In the timeframe available although it was a tight schedule, we felt confident Videosys could deliver, and indeed they did”

Colin Tomlin Managing Director of Videosys Broadcast “We have a close working relationship with Broadcast Rental having supplied our Camera Control systems for many years now. Broadcast Rental have always been at the forefront of Broadcast RF technology, by taking delivery of the new 4K AEON TX-CC they have once again proved to be true pioneers in this sector.  As the demand for 4K UHD systems grows, we expect to see more systems such as these installed around the world, and we have shown we can deliver a complete system despite a tight deadline.