Videosys Broadcast are pleased to announce the delivery of six DTC Broadcast Nano’s (BNTX) to Camera Revolution

The Broadcast Nano is a DTC Wireless RF Transmitter developed from the original Nano now incorporating a control panel, forced cooling and improved thermal performance.  It enables production teams such as Camera Revolution to deliver stunning high definition images using H.264 encoding with ultra-low latency

Executive Production Manager at Camera Revolution Ian Speed says “We have been using DTC’s Wireless RF Transmission systems supplied by Videosys for many years now. The productions these systems are used in are very demanding on the equipment, the range of deployments ranges from gorges in Africa to plunging into rivers in Europe.  The latest Broadcast Nano is ideally suited to meet these challenges, as we rely on the excellent quality of these products as well as after sales service, this is what Videosys offers.

Camera Revolution has been supplying specialist equipment to the film and TV industry for over 20 years, we continue to look forward to working with Videosys in the future to ensure this continues to be the case”.

Colin Tomlin, Managing Director of Videosys Broadcast says “We have been providing Wireless RF systems to Production companies such as Camera Revolution for many years now.  This has allowed us to develop the right products and services to meet the on-going requirements of production companies.  The quality of the products we provide alongside our aftersales service is something we see as critical in making a difference for our customers. We look forward to this on-going partnership with Camera Revolution Ltd.”