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Camera Control diagram

LDX Back 4 camera UHF WebOur Videosys camera control system enables you to have up to 4 camera channels working on just 1 UHF frequency. Using the manufactures control panel all four RCP’s are plugged into the IDU by either legacy cable or via IP (Currently SONY and Grass Valley Only).

Then an XLR cable is run to the ODU unit which can be powered locally or with our phantom power upgrade can receive 48v phantom power through the XLR, without the need for an external power supply making rigging and operating much easier, quicker and safer.

The Data can also be sent down our RF over fibre SMPTE boxes so with just one cable you can have RF, Data and power to your receive point.

Please click the link below to see how you can chain multiple IDU’s together

CCIDU-E Chaining Multiple Cameras